Having worked for and alongside Nick for over six years, in both his roles as director of Alitex and managing director for Marston & Langinger, I can honestly say I have rarely met anyone with such rapid intellect, sustained drive and a calming influence that brings the very best out of the people and teams he works with.

Nick has the ability to quickly cut through the layers of the business and reach the heart of the issue and to then articulate his thoughts in a clear and logical manner, in a language that is understood by all.

I have worked in a number of professions and different career paths over the years before meeting Nick; he stands out as someone who can genuinely relate to anyone, at all levels within the business, always bringing with him a personable and positive injection of energy on every task he encounters. He manages to combine the perfect blend of a high-level, ‘zoomed out’ perspective whilst maintaining a focused lens on the detail.

Without doubt, Nick comes highly recommended by anyone who has the opportunity to work with him. He draws on his experience and natural talent within the business world to help influence and steer your goals and objectives.

Mark Cooper
GM, Marston & Langinger

Nick joined Alitex in 2012 and, from 2013 through to 2020, he worked alongside me as director in the business.

Nick possesses a number of key leadership attributes, but a particular strength is his ability to seek out and maintain strategic clarity. I believe this to be a rare skill.

His knack for filtering the complexity of any business issue into bite-sized and easily understood components enabled Alitex to take positive, disciplined and sustained, strategic steps throughout his time with us.

Coupled with his innate integrity, honesty and consistency, I believe that Nick has a unique skill for bringing an immediate and much needed advantage to any business owner.

Tom Hall
MD and Owner, Alitex Group

I first met Nick as one of his customers. In simple terms, he revolutionised our lives by properly qualifying our needs and actually getting things done!

As our friendship developed, we enjoyed discussing how Taylorism was slowly but surely undermining Western capitalism. We both admire the teachings of W Edwards Deming, but Nick still recognises the value of certain aspects of Neo Taylorism!

Suffice it to say, Nick is now a leading management consultant and, in my opinion, is almost alone in understanding the long-term benefits of customer-based leadership. He simply can’t be doing with the short-term, figure-based approach.

His new book reflects the above with brilliant flavourings based on his seafaring experiences!

Robert Glossop MBE

I have worked with Nick for the last eight years as he guided a new acquisition from a ‘brand shell’ to a company manufacturing product….profitably.

He is clear of vision and determined in resolve and goes the extra mile to deliver. He understands business from a senior board level perspective and, during his tenure, he built a strong and loyal team with an enthusiasm for life that was refreshing.

Importantly in these days, Nick has done it, not just talked about it. With an honest, straightforward personality, mixed with humour as necessary, he is a good friend as well as a business partner.

I recommend him highly on all levels.

John Lawson
MD, Harrier Garden Developments

I have hired many business consultants in my career, with little to no success. They have included personal coaches, financial wizards, peer mentors, marketing masters and unorganized organizational experts. They all entered my business with a predetermined carpet bag of tricks and advice with little to no research and the wonderful ability to talk a great deal while having their ears “wide shut”. This continued to happen until, one day, I met Nick through business colleagues!

During our initial meetings, it was clear to me that Nick really listens. He asked quality and relevant questions and took a genuine interest in my perspective. He only gave advice at a later date, once he fully understood both me and my business and had considered the options. He has a disciplined, natural approach towards structure and organization and, right from the get go, this journey was about me and not himself.

This was six years ago and since then we have had a lot of success together. Although the opportunities and challenges in my business have changed, the constant has been Nick. He is always there with ideas, thoughts and advice. Most of all, however, he is there with questions that challenge me, that make me think and which have, ultimately, made me a better business professional and person.

In sum, through Nick’s depth of experience, both as a business leader and sea captain, he passionately understands the importance of listening and taking the team with him.

His goal is not to be the captain of your ship; it’s all about helping you at the helm.

Joe Hickson
President, JMH Consulting LLC, USA