Business Consultancy at Nyetimber Management

Business leaders and owners are under increasing pressure to constantly refresh their approach in order to stay ahead of the competition and remain agile in a rapidly evolving marketplace. We all recognise the challenge that this represents and are aware of the dangers of parking the business at its trading ceiling. So, what can we do?

As leaders, from time to time, we need to STOP, step back and truly understand and reflect on where we are. Any plan you put together that fails to clearly recognise where you are now will become more and more difficult to manage. Gaining an outside and fresh perspective at this stage is often key.

Headed up by Nick Bashford, Nyetimber Management work with a set of proven and practical frameworks and strategies that support sustained business growth and development. Cutting through the noise of your everyday trading and offering clarity across your business, is what Nick specialises in. The consultancy services supplied are tailored to each and every individual client and can be developed to suit your schedule and budget.

When you are looking for quality advice and an expert’s perspective, hiring an independent business consultant can often seem daunting. In order for this relationship to be successful, Nick will first meet with you to have an open and honest conversation about your needs and expectations. This will give you the opportunity to learn more about who Nick is and how he operates. This initial, informal introductory meeting will identify if there is a true and mutual fit, giving each party the opportunity to consider the value of working together.

Speaking Engagements

An introduction to the principles behind the book, SHIPSHAPE.


  • High alignment and high autonomy within your business.
  • Team composition.
  • Effective strategic planning.

Suitable for business leaders, management teams, department briefings and business networking events.

Workshop Modules

On-site, one-day, interactive workshops.


  • The benefits of understanding the high alignment and high autonomy framework.
  • How to build and implement effective strategic plans.

Suitable for management teams in all fields. Typically delivered to 5 – 15 participants.

Tailored Consultancy Services

Offering short, medium and long-term support:

  • High alignment and high autonomy business review.
  • Implementing end-to-end strategies and frameworks to create SHIPSHAPE organisations.
  • Constructing and implementing strategic plans.
  • Improving your sales performance.

Off-site Training Courses

Leadership, team composition, communication and planning.

What Others Say

Importantly in these days, Nick has done it, not just talked about it. With an honest, straightforward personality, mixed with humour as necessary, he is a good friend as well as a business partner.

I recommend him highly on all levels.

John Lawson
MD, Harrier Garden Developments

Nick has the ability to quickly cut through the layers of the business and reach the heart of the issue and to then articulate his thoughts in a clear and logical manner, and in a language that is understood by all.

Without doubt, Nick comes highly recommended by anyone who has the opportunity to work with him. He draws on his experience and natural talent within the business world to help influence and steer your goals and objectives.

Mark Cooper
GM, Marston & Langinger

Nick possesses a number of key leadership attributes, but a particular strength is his ability to seek out and maintain strategic clarity. I believe this to be a rare skill.

Nick has a unique skill for bringing an immediate and much needed advantage to any business owner.

Tom Hall
MD and Owner, Alitex Group

Suffice it to say, Nick is now a leading management consultant and, in my opinion, is almost alone in understanding the long-term benefits of customer-based leadership. He simply can’t be doing with the short-term, figure-based approach.

His new book reflects the above with brilliant flavourings based on his seafaring experiences!

Robert Glossop MBE

In sum, through Nick’s depth of experience, both as a business leader and sea captain, he passionately understands the importance of listening and taking the team with him.

His goal is not to be the captain of your ship; it’s all about helping you at the helm.

Joe Hickson
President, JMH Consulting LLC, USA