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Nick will help you to create the space you need to allow you the time to develop and grow your organisation.

Plain Sailing

Exactly where you position yourself as leader is key if you want to reach those all-important milestones.

How often are you taken off course, seemingly unable to sustain traction? Do your plans seem to get derailed by the constant, day-to-day noise of business and unforeseen events?

Now, imagine going to work every day, safe in the knowledge that your team are completely aligned with your business direction while having the autonomy to make decisions independently – all in the pursuit of a common goal.

Plain Sailing

Becoming Shipshape

In order to maintain momentum in the right direction, skippers at sea constantly appraise where they are.

To set a new course for tomorrow, you need to know where you are today.

The high alignment and high autonomy framework will help you to plot your way to calmer seas, allowing you the space and time to work on the business as opposed to being drawn into the distractions of everyday activities.

On the Right Tack

Every business naturally has its own unique way of operating, normally developed over many years, and this is often a reflection of the management team. However, the fundamental principles behind a well-structured, sustainable and successful business are not unique and can be mastered by all.

It takes discipline, courage and vision to momentarily step away from where you are today and to seek guidance on the potential way forward. If you are passionate about the business you are in, the department you run or the team you look after, why not gift yourself some time and talk to Nick about how you can reach those all-important milestones.

Right Track

What Others Say

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Nick during the last 10 months. He has provided us with invaluable support within the Sales and Operational aspect of our business. The consultancy project that he has undertaken had very clear and tight goals and objectives which he helped us to develop and which have been achieved. Indeed, our sales department has subsequently become a very successful and aligned department, something which we had previously been wanting to achieve but had been unsuccessful.

Sophie Harber
Managing Director, David Harber Ltd

I worked with Nick for a year on a project initially focused on reorganizing the sales team and strategy in a small owner-managed company of under 40 employees. The project was detailed and wide-ranging: from developing the team structure, identifying the staffing requirement, leading the recruitment of new people, onboarding, training, developing a bottom-up sales budget and helping us to create appropriate KPIs to monitor the sales team to improve resource and other planning. I enjoyed working with Nick and learnt a lot from him and he contributed significantly to the business during this project.

Alex Musson
Non-executive director, David Harber Ltd

Importantly in these days, Nick has done it, not just talked about it. With an honest, straightforward personality, mixed with humour as necessary, he is a good friend as well as a business partner.

I recommend him highly on all levels.

John Lawson
MD, Harrier Garden Developments

Nick has the ability to quickly cut through the layers of the business and reach the heart of the issue and to then articulate his thoughts in a clear and logical manner, and in a language that is understood by all.

Without doubt, Nick comes highly recommended by anyone who has the opportunity to work with him. He draws on his experience and natural talent within the business world to help influence and steer your goals and objectives.

Mark Cooper
GM, Marston & Langinger

Nick possesses a number of key leadership attributes, but a particular strength is his ability to seek out and maintain strategic clarity. I believe this to be a rare skill.

Nick has a unique skill for bringing an immediate and much needed advantage to any business owner.

Tom Hall
MD and Owner, Alitex Group

Nick’s knowledge is world class. Not only does he understand the luxury market but he can also articulate his thoughts into well considered strategic plans. I feel I have developed a broad understanding of sales due to Nick’s coaching and from that our restructured department is currently thriving. I put this 100% down to Nick’s advice and guidance.

Pete Hood
Operations Director, David Harber Ltd

Personally, with Nick’s help I have become a better leader for myself, my team and the business. I cannot recommend Nick’s services enough; if you are in business looking to create a growth plan and stick to it, speak to Nick.

Jack Chalkley
Sales Manager, David Harber Ltd

Suffice it to say, Nick is now a leading management consultant and, in my opinion, is almost alone in understanding the long-term benefits of customer-based leadership. He simply can’t be doing with the short-term, figure-based approach.

His new book reflects the above with brilliant flavourings based on his seafaring experiences!

Robert Glossop MBE

In sum, through Nick’s depth of experience, both as a business leader and sea captain, he passionately understands the importance of listening and taking the team with him.

His goal is not to be the captain of your ship; it’s all about helping you at the helm.

Joe Hickson
President, JMH Consulting LLC, USA


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