Training at Nyetimber Management


In his book, SHIPSHAPE, Nick talks about the correlation between the world of the business leader and the expert skipper. Below is a short extract from the book’s introduction:

‘I have long been fascinated by the correlation between a well-run yacht and a well-run business. Both require constant reference to direction and positioning. The skipper’s role on a yacht is fundamental to your overall success and likelihood of arriving at a chosen destination; the same can be said of the role of a shrewd and inspiring leader in business. I can appreciate why the environment at sea – that can quickly bring out the best and worst in human nature – creates such a unique and rewarding space to test and perfect the art of communication and teamwork. In a high-stakes situation, where everyone relies on one another so implicitly for their safety and the success of the venture, working together efficiently and productively isn’t optional – it’s essential’.

In order for businesses to benefit from this rewarding training environment, Nick has developed a number of stimulating courses. These training days are set in the beautiful and protected waters of the Solent (on the South Coast) and are delivered on board modern sailing yachts.

Nick Bashford

All standard courses are designed for four – eight participants. Your team will operate in an environment where accelerated learning is in abundance. The candidates will work hard, have some fun and find the whole experience extremely rewarding. Each course is supported by an experienced yacht skipper and training facilitator.


One-day Course
  • This course is about bringing the team together and how that dynamic is shaped in order to operate as one unit. It focusses on communication techniques and the value of an aligned vision.
  • This day is ideal for blending new team members into an existing team, or bringing together individuals from different departments to simply experience a new environment as a working group.
  • It can also simply be a great day to get your existing team talking and working together.


Two-day Course
  • Living and working on board a yacht for two days, your teams will quickly experience the benefits of a clear communication network, the importance of understanding team composition and how to construct and implement a successful plan. During the course, the team will have the unique opportunity to fully test and practice what they have learnt.
  • On completion of the course, the candidates will be equipped with a number of new tools that they can use and share in the workplace.


Three-day Course
  • This is an extension of the two-day course, but it has the benefit of allowing the facilitators to embed the learning and take it to the next level.
  • The extra day allows the candidates to participate in a complex practice session, which will both test and underpin the lessons learnt in the previous two days.
  • The gold course delivers the ultimate learning experience and will equip the candidates with a number of tried and tested frameworks.
  • Alongside the standard range of courses on offer, bespoke, on-board training courses, familiarisation days and client experience days can be tailored to suit your needs.